Learn through play at our center

Purposeful engaging play is an important vehicle for children’s learning.  When they play in meaningful ways, children learn about themselves, other people, and the world around them.  As they play, children acquire language, learn to solve problems, learn to control their behavior and feelings, and explore social roles.  The interactions between teachers and children during play are critical to their learning.  Teachers facilitate this learning as they carefully observe children’s play to determine the most appropriate levels and types of support to offer.

The Creative Curriculum is our teaching foundation designed to support teachers at all levels of experience in planning and implementing a high quality developmentally-appropriate program.  Developmentally-appropriate practice means teaching in a way that matches the way children develop and learn so as to promote their optimal development and learning.

  • child development and how children learn
  • the individual strengths, needs and interests of each child
  • each child’s family and community cultures


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